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We begin by conceiving together what you want to publish. This is the editorial development phase. What are the ideas, experiences and stories you want to bring to life? Whether your book begins as a speech, an op-ed or a manuscript, the Clyde Hill team provides the professional authoring services, editing, data visualizations, illustrations and video production you need.


Holding your book or ebook in your hands for the first time is a proud moment. Getting there requires all of the preceding steps as well as coordinating the printing, production, legal and financial services.


We want your ideas to find the widest audience possible. Our promotion team will generate the traditional and social media, reviews, readings, speeches, conferences and other appearances to generate attention, influence and sales

About Us

Books remain powerful tools for communications, influence and learning. Books provide a platform for bigger, more meaningful discussions that advance your ideas. Our prospective authors – founders, innovators, tinkerers and thinkers — are often overlooked and underserved by today’s book publishing industry. Traditional publishers, agents and editors can put up barriers rather than facilitate the creation of a new book.
Clyde Hill Publishing believes your ideas, stories, lessons, experiences and legacy must be published. At first it may simply emerge as a speech or an article. We work with you in a flexible, nimble way to publish the book you want, and the reader deserves. Our focus is nonfiction, including a range of topics: business and technology, engineering, biography and memoir, law, public policy and the occasional sports book.
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Books We’ve Worked On

Time Out
by Claudia Rowe

Ability Hacks
by Greg Shaw

Georges Bank
by Bradley Bagshaw

Hit Refresh
by Satya Nadella

The Amazon Way on IoT
by John Rossman

The Road Ahead
by Bill Gates
with Nathan Myhrvold
and Peter Rinearson

First & Main
edited by Greg Shaw

Waiting for Superman
edited by Karl Weber

The Amazon Way
by John Rossman
edited by Greg Shaw

The Team

Claudia Rowe

Veteran print journalist and author Claudia Rowe has devoted much of her writing career to conveying complex ideas in penetrating, high-impact prose. She is known across the industry for writing that powerfully illuminates overlooked truths, and her narrative reporting has earned a Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism, as well as honors from the Nieman Center for Journalism at Harvard University, the Education Writers Association and the Society for Professional Journalists. Claudia has been twice nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

Believing that ideas and innovation can be important channels for building community, Claudia seeks projects that educate, fascinate and push boundaries. In 2017, she published a memoir, The Spider and the Fly (HarperCollins), which has been optioned for film and explores the delicate tension between a news subject and interviewer. Amazon Original Stories will publish Claudia’s latest work of literary nonfiction in July 2018.

A native of New York City, Claudia graduated from Bennington College in 1988, with a degree in literature. She spent seven years writing for The New York Times, and has been proud to call Seattle home since 2003. Sought-after for her expertise on education, social issues and journalism ethics, Claudia is a frequent radio and television news guest.

Greg Shaw is the founding investor in Clyde Hill Publishing, and has deep roots in all aspects of publishing, including content development and promotion. He began his career as a journalist in Oklahoma, and has worked on numerous successful publishing efforts including Bill Gates’ The Road Ahead as well as both the film and book aspects of the documentary, Waiting for Superman. He was CEO and publisher of Seattle’s Crosscut news, an independent editorial site that publishes long-form journalism and e-books. He served as an editor and publisher for John Rossman’s book, The Amazon Way. Greg has been a communications executive at Microsoft and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

John Rossman is an investor in Clyde Hill Publishing. He serves as Managing Director at Alvarez and Marsal (A&M), a global professional services firm and has been a long-time collaborator with Greg Shaw at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and on book projects. John is author of The Amazon Way: 14 Leadership Principles Behind the World’s Most Disruptive Company (2014). Prior to A&M, John was an executive at where he launched the third party selling platform, and ran the merchant services business. Mr. Rossman’s next book, published in the fall of 2016, is titled The Amazon Way on IoT: 10 Lessons Every Leader Should Learn from Amazon’s Internet of Things Strategy.

Barbara Bonner is chief marketing officer and assistant editor of Clyde Hill Publishing. She is a marketing and communications expert with over 8 years of experience with nonprofits, global companies, multi-million dollar foundations, and individual authors. Barbara is a passionate storyteller and has a keen interest in helping innovators, thinkers, and tinkerers share their stories with the world.

Alison DeGregorio is legal counsel for Clyde Hill Publishing. She brings over 15 years of legal experience to the company, with a focus on intellectual property, publishing, technology, M&A and general commercial transactions. Prior to her private practice, Alison was Senior Corporate Counsel for Digital Media at Amazon, where she supported Audible and Brilliance, in addition to being the lead lawyer for Kindle Marketing in the United States.

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